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Page 3    Design Projects (1982 - 2001)


A Kitchen Remodel

Voila!  This was a project nobody wanted to do. My friend called me back to Ojai, California to build this kitchen remodel from pieces already salvaged out of another larger kitchen in Malibu. We had to design a new kitchen using the parts available in the driveway. We had a two-week deadline. When I got there, the kitchen was nearly ready for new drywall and subfloor.  I reworked the cabinets and granite to come up with 40 lineal feel of new kitchen cabinetry. I occasionally had an assistant. We were taking final photographs 16 days later. For a project like this to work, the client has to be very realistic about possibilities. I stayed at my friend's house during the remodel, and got fed, massaged and exercised by my friend who is a holistic healer. I worked 14 hours per day and lost 20 pounds in 16 days! And got paid! Well.