Works by Mark Balenovic

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Works: The Studio and Shop

Design Process  Page 5A   Page 5B   Page 5C   Page 5D   Page 5E: Form Plywood: Green is in the Details

production cutting of basic shapes; barn footing monuments; barn footing bases

monuments and bases (top removes for pour); the result; form ply used for defining and stiffening arch form

form ply for ARXX ICF forms (4th July '07 party); same pieces become the shop electrical chase; the barn bases become the form for a studio banco



Each piece of form plywood is a hefty 50 dollars or so.  But the ecological impact of manufacturing a sheet of this ply will only be felt by future generations; not the fabricator or the user. My influence on the well-being of the environment is in the total use and re-use of this material, regardless of the profit margin. Do you understand? We throw re-useable things away every day, because it's not convenient to think about them after they have served their initial purpose. My construction-industry-ruined crew were constantly grabbing for the new sheets, right next to the pile of stripped forms. They were trying to be efficient.

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