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Page 4    Design Projects in Santa Fe (2002-2006)

Page 4A:  Navratil Residence

Page 4A-1 Design Process       Page 4A-2 Sitework and Foundations       Page 4A-3 Framing       Page 4A-4 Finish

Ron Navratil owned his 11+ acre lot outside the town of Santa Fe for twenty years before he decided to build a retirement home.  I was commissioned to design the home, assist Ron in managing the owner-builder style of construction, and get involved on site as conditions and my abilities allowed, up to certificate of occupancy. We quickly conceived a basic design which then evolved over the two-year course of construction into the massively built 3-level home/studio/gallery/local landmark. I used the Autocad 3-D model to generate construction and contract documents, material take-offs, and to document and communicate design changes with the owner and the trades.

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